Perfect solution for those who frequently ask How to Fix Microsoft Outlook safely?

Outlook is the most comprehensively used messaging and information sharing application which is developed by Microsoft Corporation. Apart from personal and official emails, Outlook facilitates you to manage all your Outlook attributes like contacts, meeting schedules, journals, tasks, appointments, notes etc. It is just like a personal dairy where you can easily store and manage all day-to-day information. Since Outlook uses complex database file to store all data, corruption of this can dig the user into a big trouble. Most often the corruption of PST file happens due to inappropriate termination of Outlook profile. In such crucial situations, most of the Outlook users worry about how to fix Microsoft Outlook PST file? However, from now onwards, no need worry, as you can easily fix corrupted Outlook PST file. Fix Microsoft Outlook PST is one such strong tool which helps you to repair PST files from all versions of Microsoft Outlook.

PST file corruption in Microsoft Outlook is unfortunately the most common occurring that makes you to lose your important Outlook data. However, Microsoft Outlook PST file containing your valuable data is a fragile one, and if it corrupts it can be a horrendous to fix Microsoft Outlook PST file. And the circumstance goes even worst when you are not able to access important data from your Outlook profile. In such situation, an appropriate backup will help you t come out of drastic condition. If you don’t have backup of PST file then there are abundant tools available in the marketplace, which helps you to fix Microsoft Outlook PST file. Repair Outlook PST is one such trustworthy tool which is recommended by most of the industry experts to fix corrupted or damaged PST files.

Following are the few common circumstances where MS Outlook PST file gets corrupt or damaged.

  • Sometimes due to Outlook application crash or sudden power outage, your Outlook profile terminates suddenly. In such critical situations, there will be chances of PST file corruption are more. In case if the data stored in Outlook PST file exceeds or reaches its limit, then it might get corrupt. Fix Microsoft Outlook PST file in these cases using this product.
  • Virus infectivity is the most common factor for corruption of Outlook PST file. If PST file is severely infected by malicious virus then it corrupts PST file and thereafter your Outlook profile becomes inaccessible results in loss of important Outlook data.
  • Deficiency in Outlook programs, file system corruption, accessing PST file over the remote network, compacting of PST file, etc may also results in corruption of PST file.

No matter how your Outlook PST file gets corrupted, Fix Microsoft Outlook PST tool can easily repairs PST files from all versions of Microsoft Outlook. By using this repair tool, you can also repair corrupt Outlook PST file on all versions of Windows computers. In addition to PST file repair, you can restore various Outlook attributes like emails, appointments, calendar items, reminders, tasks, files, folders, journals etc. Moreover, with this tool, you can Outlook 2007 repair and also fix all corruption issues in Outlook 2000, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2003.

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Follow few simple steps to repair Microsoft Outlook PST file

Step 1: You need to download and install Fix Outlook PST tool on your PC then run the tool to open its main screen as shown in figure a.

How to Fix Microsoft Outlook - Main Screen

Figure a: Main Screen

Step 2: Select PST file and click on "Next" to initate PST file repair process as shown in figure b.

How to Repair Microsoft Outlook - Select PST File

Figure b: Select PST File

Step 3: It will display recovered Outlook items as shown in figure c.

Repairing Microsoft Outlook - Recovered Outlook Items

Figure c: Recovered Outlook Items